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Hand tools to rely on.

Snap-off knives and blades

Perfection in every cut.

Learn more about snap-off knives and blades

Dry Marker

Smart pencil with precise marks.

Learn more about the markers

Folding rules

When you are a pro, you know.

Folding rules with the red ends

Spirit levels

Wondering about the difference between tolerance and sensitivity?

Level up with Hultafors spirit levels


The genuine feeling of a solid frame.

Precision in every cut


Less weight mean less wear on your body.

Hammers that just feels right

Tape measures

The most important consideration when choosing a tape measure is precision. And, of course, whether the tape is a smart and adroit tool to use on the job.

Measure with precision


The smartest solutions are often the simple ones.

The easier the better

Craftsman's knives

Designed for specific professions with high-quality steel.

Knives for skilled craftsmen.

Utility knives and blades

It is time for a sharper standard.

Cutting like it is ment to feel


Our axes has been hand forged at Hults Bruk, Sweden, since 1697.

Axes forged with tradition

Tool bucket

Meet your new body guard.

A smarter way to carry