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Advanced laser for extreme accuracy .

Hultafors - Global

Type of laser.

Point laser: The lens collects the radiated laser light and focuses into a single point.
Point laser

Line laser: Once a lens has collected the beams, they are passed through a tube lens, creating a laser line.
Line laser

Lens quality.

The lens has a decisive effect on quality as it focuses the radiated laser light to a narrow point. Two types of lens are used:

Glass lens: Produces a high quality beam, allowing high quality cutting. Its main advantage is that glass is heat resistant and retains its shape.

Plastic lens: The quality of plastic lenses used by Hultafors is determined by means of a high precision extrusion process. The lenses can be used in temperatures up to 85°C without losing their shape.

Laser classes from EN 60825-1
Class Explanation
1 Laser radiation is not hazardous to vision.
1M Laser radiation is not hazardous provided it is not focused using optics.
2 Laser radiation in the visible spectrum (400 nm to 700 nm), is not hazardous to vision if exposure lasts only a brief moment. The blink reflex will kick in before any damage is caused.
2M Laser radiation may damage vision if it is focused using optics.
3R Laser radiation is hazardous to vision.
3B Laser radiation is hazardous to vision and may also damage skin.
4 Laser radiation is very hazardous to vision and will also damage skin. May cause fire and explosions.

Visible light spectrum.

Visible light spectrum

Wavelengths for light.

The human eye is sensitive to light within the wavelength range 711 nm (red) to 389 nm (indigo). Shortwave light, otherwise known as ultraviolet (UV) light, is invisible to humans. Red laser light falls within the 670–630 nm range.

The shorter the wave, the sharper the laser light.

Diode intensity.

Diode intensity
635 nm is 4 times clearer than 670 nm.

Laser classes.

Generally speaking, laser classes fall into two groups – those that are compliant with European standard EN 601125-1 and those that are compliant with American standard FDA 1040.10:1.4.97.

A warning symbol and information must be shown on every laser product.


Laser levelling inside

Laser with automatic levelling: Magnetic pendulum with cardan system.

Automatic laser: Servo motor + electronic vial.

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