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Craftsmans knives

Tailored to your reality.

Knives for skilled craftsmen

When we started developing our craftsman's knives a long time ago, we got help from the real experts – professional craftsmen. We studied what they did, listened to what they wanted and identified their needs. 

Knives designed for specific professions
Craftsman's knives developed for specific purposes.

Choose the right knife

Hultafors’ durable craftsman’s knives are engineered specifically to how craftsmen actually work. 

Find the right knife for you

Cutting-edge materials

Reliable tools require reliable materials. Our knives are therefore made from tested quality materials that provide sharpness, precision, strength, safety and comfort – every day at work. 

Reliable tools require reliable materials

Outdoor knives

Developed for bushcraft enthusiasts

The growing interest for bushcraft and outdoor activities has inspired Hultafors to expand its range of Craftsman’s knives with two Outdoor knives, the OK1 and OK4.

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Time for a sharper standard

Cutting like it was meant to feel

Sharp blades for every trade and ergonomic handles for efficiency and safety. It’s time for a sharper standard.

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