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Outdoor Knife OK4

Hultafors - Global

Versatile and powerful

An outdoor knife must be hardwearing and robust. That is why we gave the OK4 a 3.0 mm extra thick blade in Japanese carbon steel hardened to 58-60 HRC, as well as an 82 mm long tang inside the handle. This makes the knife suitable for batoning.

The handle is fitted with a Santoprene friction grip for extra control. The cutting edge has a scandi grind for long-lasting sharpness and is easy to re-sharpen if needed. The grinded spine of the blade is designed for starting a fire with a fire starter.

To withstand rust and corrosion the blade has a protective electrophoretic deposition coating (EPD), as well as an engraved scale. The textile belt loop allows up to 80 mm wide belts and is equipped with a pocket for a fire starter.

Let’s go trekking.

Fire starter compatible and handle with friction grip

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