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When you are a pro.
You know.

It is special, the joy of creating. Both while you are building and not the least when it is completed. The sweet pride in a job well done, that can’t help growing with the admiration of others. At Hultafors we love to talk about our great folding rule.

Yet we leave it to you. Nobody does it better.

When you are a pro. You know.

Time for duel

The fast and smooth handling of a folding rule is a sure sign of an experienced pro. Yet, at the Hultafors folding rule factory they take it one step further.

Get ready for show-down.

Watch the video!

The right feeling

When professional craftsman reach for a folding rule it will be the original from Hultafors, the one with the red ends, even when they can’t see it.

Watch the video!

Choose the right material for your folding rule: Birch, fiberglass or aluminium

  • Birch

    Our classic folding rule in birch with red ends. Precision and feeling in perfect union. Just as you want it.

  • Fiberglass

    A folding ruler of fiberglass can withstand the weather for a long time. Therefore, it is estimated by those who work in wet environments.

  • Aluminium

    Anyone who welds or working near heat or solvents often choose our folding urin aluminum.