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Profile for strength, end caps to protect

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The strength of the spirit level is determined by the shape and thickness of the profile, as well as the holes for the vials. The larger the hole the less the durability, and the thicker the walls the greater the durability.

Aluminium combines durability with ligth weight

Aluminium is a common profile material since it combines stiffness and durability with light weight. Aluminium gives the profile additional durability without the spirit level becoming too heavy. The profiles strength is checked by being subjected to forces from above (bending) and forces from the short sides (tension).

Hultafors offers different types of profiles. Time glass profile for light weight and easy grip, And box profile for extra strength. 

Hultafors also offers spirit levels with a plastic profile. A good choice for bricklayers since the cement doesn’t stick to the plastic.

A strong profile withstands large pressure

The strength of the profile is checked to see how it withstands large pressures from above and to the sides. The weight is a good indication of profile quality. Hultafors spirit levels all weigh more than 500 grams per meter.

End caps protects the profile 

In the case of fall and shock the profile is protected by high quality end caps. Easy to remove and put back on. 

The lenght do matters

The length of the spirit level also plays a part – the longer the level, the greater the level of accuracy. However, you must take extra care when using a long spirit level to ensure that the profile does not become warped or distorted. In order to achieve the best possible durability, our spirit levels are exposed to extreme forces in a series of stringent tests.

Even an excellent spirit level can be insufficient if it’s too short. Therefore Hultafors offers spirit level in many different lengths to fit every levelling situation.

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