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Advanced knives - plain and simple.

Hultafors - Global

A really good knife should sit perfectly in your hand and be easy to use. At the same time, it should be robust, reliable and possess all the important functions.

Hultafors universal knifeWe know this, because we developed our new knives in conjunction with professional craftsmen who helped field test every single component. Only once they were completely satisfied did we know that our new range of knives matched up to the demanding day-to-day requirements of the job.

You can easily open our new knives without tools and you can feed out and lock the blade in position with just one hand. They all feature a comfortable and ergonomically designed finger grip that increases safety where power is required. In addition, all our knives have a narrowing tip, delivering a high level of precision at all times.

To make our knives as user friendly as possible, we have eliminated all unnecessary components and minimised the number of moving parts. This extends the service life of the knife as there are fewer parts that can break or fall off. It also makes it easier to keep knives clean, preventing contaminants such as plaster getting into the mechanism.

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