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Tenon saw HBB
Description A Standard Tenon saw that doesn't compromise with quality The saw has a 0,8 mm thick C75 steel blade for stability and precision. The saw blade is reinforced with an ""back"" of aluminum for increased stiffness of the saw blade and to give straight, fine cuts. The sawblade has a tapered shape towards the tip in order to minimize the risk of overcutting the workpiece when making a precise cut. The 2-phase grinding provides a precise and efficient performance in many different materials. The teeth of the saw blade are hardened to give a long life span and the blade has a clear lacquer to provide rust protection. The handle is ergonomically designed in robust ABS plastic for good grip with power and precision. The saw comes with a blade cover that is easy to assemble and dismantle when the saw has been used.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 0,8 mm thick blade in C75 quality steel
  • 2-phase grinding
  • Aluminium reinforced profile
Art. no. Qty/pack
591240 2 pcs
Art. no. Teeth/inch
591240 12
Blade length
Art. no. Blade length
591240 300 mm
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