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Pry Bar Aluminium
Description Aluminium weighs only 1/3 as much as steel, which means that tools made from it are lighter and easier to work with. Used for applications such as prizing items onto truck platforms and ripping up formwork.
  • Aluminium pry bars are lighter and easier to work with, especially when working at shoulder height.
  • Gentler to the material you work with.
  • An aluminium tool does not rust, has better resistance to cold and is also more flexible that steel tools.
  • It can be bent about three times as much as a steel tool without being deformed.
Product materials
  • Aluminium
Total length
Art. no. Total length
841000 1200 mm
841002 1500 mm
Art. no. Length
841000 1200 mm
841002 1500 mm
Art. no. Qty/pack
841000 1 pcs
841002 1 pcs
Art. no. Weight
841000 2100 g
841002 2800 g
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