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Digital Spirit Level DM
Description Spirit level with digital unit, made from strong aluminium profile measuring 59x26 mm and weighing 890 g/m. A good tool for measuring or marking incline. The measurement area is 360°, split into four 90° zones. Shock-proof and water resistant, but should not be immersed in water. Horizontal vial with a magnification lens and luminescent reflector.
  • Crush-proof block vials that are highly transparent and durable. The radius of the vials is 200 mm, giving a sensitivity of 10 mm/m.
  • Tolerance in normal position is ±0.3 mm/m, upside down ±0.75 mm/m.
  • The display shows tenths of degrees, percentages or mm/m. The figures are automatically displayed in the correct direction. Automatic shut-off after 6 minutes.
  • Electronic unit tolerance in horizontal (0°) and vertical (90°) position is ±0.1°, for other angles it is ±0.2°.
  • Robust ferrite pole-shoe magnets for a secure grip.
Product materials
  • Aluminum
Art. no. Length
408401 600 mm
Art. no. Qty/pack
408401 1 pcs
Art. no. Vials
408401 2 pcs
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