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Folding Rule 61
Description A classic folding rule manufactured from downy birch with Swedish steel joints, affording thin sections and great flexibility. Scale with black figures on both sides, metric along the bottom edge and British imperial along the top edge.
  • Coated with a water-based protective lacquer for increased resistance to dirt and moisture.
  • The joints are heat-treated, epoxy coated and oiled at three points to ensure first-class performance.
  • Each folding rule section is checked twice during the production process using high-speed cameras.
Product materials
  • Wood
Art. no. Graduation
100504 mm/inch
100505 mm/inch
100704 mm/inch
Art. no. Parts
100504 10 pcs
100505 10 pcs
100704 6 pcs
Art. no. Width
100504 17 mm
100505 17 mm
100704 17 mm
Art. no. Qty/pack
100504 10 pcs
100505 50 pcs
100704 10 pcs
Length (m)
Art. no. Length (m)
100504 2 m
100505 2 m
100704 1 m
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