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Chalk line RL
Description Large chalk line with extra strong cord that is ideal for demanding outdoor work. The housing is made from hard and durable polystyrene plastic. Chalk is filled via a bottle attached directly to the chalkline. The bottle is not included.
  • The cotton absorbs the chalk, the polyester provides the strength.
  • The braiding ensures that the line does not tangle.
  • The line is 3 mm in diameter and has a rupture limit of 55 kg. The line is available as a spare part.
  • Holds 700 g of chalk, including a standard bottle.
Chalk volume
Art. no. Chalk volume
652181 700 g
Art. no. Geared
652181 No
Art. no. Qty/pack
652181 1 pcs
652191 1 pcs
Art. no. Weight
652181 620 g
652191 250 g
Length (m)
Art. no. Length (m)
652181 50 m
652191 50 m
Line diameter
Art. no. Line diameter
652181 3 mm
652191 3 mm
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