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Levels and Lasers

For professional craftsmen, a great spirit level is a vital tool for a job well done. Hultafors PV and HV are two of our spirit level series, both featuring crush-proof block vials for horizontal and vertical levelling.

The MST is our strongest and most sensitive spirit level and the Libella system is modul based and expandable, from 310 to 3100 mm. We have the tools you can rely on to be sure to deliver high-quality work.

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User-friendly laser tools

Constantly developing our tool range for discerning craftsmen, we have broadened our range of laser tools with three user-friendly models – including a laser distance meter– designed to make your workday more efficient.

Libella 2000

Let's extend all short minded ideas of what a spirit level can be.

How to choose the right spirit level for you

On the market there are many makers of spirit levels. At Hultafors we like to believe our spirit levels are hard to beat. But don’t just take our word for it, go ahead and make your own comparison.

What is tolerance?

Manufacturing tolerance is the sum of all possible minor and microscopically small errors during production.

MST - our most sensitive spirit level.

The MST level is our strongest and most sensitive spirit level. Crush-proof block vials that is UV-resistant and withstands temperature changes with a +30% magnification lens and luminescent reflector for easier reading.

What is sensitivity?

The higher the sensitivity the more precise the spirit level is. This means that the bubble of a more precise spirit level reacts more when one end of the spirit level is lifted.

HV & PV - Precision tools for professional users

For professional craftsmen a great spirit level is a vital tool for a job well done. A workhorse you need to rely on to make sure you deliver high quality work.

The easier the better.

The smartest solutions are often the simple ones. Check out our laser range.

The story about spirit levels

No one knows how old spirit levels really are. However, it is known that the Romans used water filled tanks as primitive spirit levels when building their famous aqueducts.