Claw Hammer TC

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An ergonomically designed hammer, forged in asingle piece for increased durability with a vibrationdamping urethane plug.The next generation of hammer.

Reddot design winner award 2008

Pick up one of our new claw hammers and you'll feel it at once: it just feels right in your hand.

Once you've worked with it for a while, we promise that you'll see what makes it stand out from the crowd. Lithe, yet powerful and perfectly designed for your job.

The ergonomic shaft is available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose a hammer that gives you a relaxed grip, which places less strain on the body. You also benefit from vibration damping, which you will notice each time you make a strike.

You'll also notice the difference in the long term, as the technology reduces the risk of stress-related injuries.

The fact that our new TC and TR claw hammers have been a hit shouldn't be a surprise. They have been developed in conjunction with professional craftsmen, who have imposed stringent requirements on everything from function and weight to appearance.

Working together with our ergonomists, they tested and evaluated our prototypes, and we made changes, polished and re-tested them until all parties were completely satisfied. The result of all this is what you see here: a new generation of effective claw hammers that are designed specifically for the way you work – and reduce the stress placed on your body. On site, every day.

Less weight of hammers

By keeping the total weight of the hammer to a minimum and adjusting the size and shape of the handle, the risk of strain injuries can be reduced.


When we were developing our craftsman's knives, we got help from the real experts – professional craftsmen. We studied what they did, listened to what they wanted and tried to identify their needs.