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Get ready for the Hultafors Challenge 2018!

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For more than 130 years the Hultafors folding rule and its users have proven to be extremely hard to beat. We bet you are a fast folder. But are you as fast as our champion? Get ready for the Hultafors Challenge – a competition in the art of folding a rule out and back as fast as possible.

To fold a rule is about technique – and everybody can learn it. And the best way is to study the ruling champion Roland Källgren, starring in our recent advertising for the folding rule.

Ready? This is how you do it

Watch the film Hultafors Challenge and study Roland as he folds at full speed and in slow-motion.

Folding out

Hold the folding rule with your left hand in a soft but firm grip. The end-sticks should point out/upwards. Grip the end-stick and pull out half the folding rule in one smooth movement. Move your right hand inwards to the 90 cm mark, and pull out the second half.

Folding it together

Without releasing your hand from the 90 cm mark fold the rule in half. Now you are holding the folding rule from below with your left hand, while the right hand is holding from the top. This means you can start folding two joints at the same time. Do this twice and you are very close to completion.

(Left-handed folders: Feel free to switch left/right as you find comfortable.)

We reserve the right to any errors in the description.

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