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Hultafors broadens its range of laser tools

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Hultafors is constantly developing its tool range for discerning craftsmen. The latest product news comprises three user-friendly laser tools - including a laser distance meter - that make the craftsman’s workday more efficient.

“We have lacked a few tools in the laser category,” says Hultafors Product Manager Per Eriksson. “We have therefore expanded the range with a cross-line laser level, a point and cross-line laser, and a laser distance meter - a tool that we have not previously offered in our assortment.”

Easy to understand and easy to use

According to Per Eriksson, the three new tools have been designed based on simplicity, both when it comes to understanding and using them. “Our new intuitive laser tools are easy to understand and easy to use, making the user’s work more efficient,” he says.

HDL 80 goes the distance

The HDL 80 is Hultafors’ first laser distance meter and it is an easy-to-use tool with a measurement range up to 80 meters. “It is perfect for measuring longer distances and when calculating area and volume”, says Per Eriksson.

PXL and HXL for simple precision

The launch also includes the PXL point and cross-line laser as well as the HXL cross-line laser level. The PXL is a straightforward tool with bright lines that facilitates precision work such as bolting walls. And the user-friendly HXL cross-line laser ensures fast and accurate reading when tiling or hanging wallpaper or cabinets.

Accessories for even more precise reading

Hultafors’ laser category includes a range of intuitive and user-friendly accessories, designed to facilitate quick and precise reading. Among the products you can for example find a receiver, a tripod and a universal holder. The accessories are compatible with most laser measurement tools.

“We have chosen to add a few products in the Laser category that we believe make an excellent complement to our product range,” concludes Per Eriksson.

Published 01 March 2018.

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