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Hultafors is now a full-range supplier of saws

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When Hultafors started developing handsaws a couple of years ago, the starting point was that the saw should be efficient, have a good grip and not pinch. After a very successful launch of handsaws in 2015, Hultafors is now presenting several new models that form a complete range.

A leader in the field of saws

"Our goal is to become a leader also in the field of saws and after the successful launch the of HBX handsaw, we can proudly present new bow saws, hacksaws and various special saws," says Per Eriksson Product Manager at Hultafors. "We are also expanding our range with three new, shorter HBX handsaws and three HBB saws."

A unique test machine

During the development of new saws Hultafors use a unique test machine in which the saws undergo thorough tests to make sure they deliver maximum precision and control. “Excellent ergonomics, which ensures that the tool feels good in the hand, in combination with high performance is the major reason why professional craftsmen choose our products,” says Per Eriksson.

3-phase grinding

To achieve optimal precision and control, Hultafors put lots of focus on the grinding of the teeth and the powder coating of the blades. "For the most advanced models we use a unique 3-phase grinding, which makes the saw extremely efficient while also giving fine cuts without chipping,” Per Eriksson says.

A complete range

Hultafors’ full range now includes handsaws in several different designs, bow saws, hacksaws and various special saws for cutting in most materials, including metal, concrete, wood, plasterboard and plastic. The new saw models will be available during the fall of 2017.

Published 02 October 2017.

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