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Hultafors Spirit levels -
new design and features.

Hultafors - Global

New Design #blackedition

Hultafors spirit levels are updated with a new tough and modern design enhancing the impression and increasing the opportunity to find the products in the shops. We are confident that the new design will give both increased attention and increased sales.

New features Spirit level PV

At the same time the PV Spirit Level get two new features, a focus vial for easier reading and end caps with a unique anti-slide function.

  1. Highly transparent and durable Crush-proof block vials with focus function for easier reading.
  2. Horizontal vial with a +30% magnification lens and luminescent reflector.
  3. Extra strong aluminium profile measuring 59x26 mm and weighing 880 g/m.
  4. Shock absorbing end protectors with anti-slip function.

The spirit level models

All models retain the current number but two lengths of the HV model will be deleted from the range. Transition to the new design is continuous starting from week 40, and from week 45 only new design will be distributed.

Published 27 October 2015.

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