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For hard job in narrow spaces.

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The new Pinch Bar Steel 207 from Hultafors.

Pinch bar steel 207 is developed as a complement to our pry bars in aluminium.

Hultafors launches pinch bar steel 207The advantages of a product made of steel compared to aluminium is a lower material cost, as well as the steel being less sensitive for wear and damages.

A pinch bar can be used for many different purposes, such as installation of bolting to align the bolt holes and to adjust placement. The pinch bar is also very useful for mounting O-rings; place the O-ring on the cone shaped tip and then bring it in place.

Pinch Bar Steel 207

Pinch bar made from 6-square high quality steel. A wide and thin chisel make it easy to use in narrow spaces. The long and coneshaped tip is used for e.g. the mating of flange with bolt holes. The cone tip facilitates the installation of O-rings.

  • A wide and thin chisel to increase accessibility.
  • Long and evenly grinded cone shaped tip.
  • Unpainted cone and chisel to avoid discoloration.

Published 22 September 2014.

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