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Product Information – Copper Hammer & sledge

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At Hultafors Group we are continuously securing that our product are fulfilling our high standards of safety and functionality.

Withdrawal of products

Unfortunately we have identified some quality issues with our Copper Hammer & Sledge where the copper head on rare occasions has separated from the shaft during usage. This is a new error appearing on products without any previous manufacturing problems.

All products leaving our warehouse from this date will be the latest version with the updated technical solution. After a period of use the copper head it is natural that it will be deformed, due to the soft metal and it is always important to inspect the condition of the tools before use.

Even though there are only a few occasions were this has occurred we still consider this as a serious situation. Because of this we would like to withdraw the following products and replace them with updated versions where we have further secured the copper head to the shaft with a securing pin.

Thorough investigation and testing has been conducted to secure the functionality with our new technical solution.

Affected P/N:

A hammer that has been used for a longer time period will have reached its life time, and it is not included in this withdraw. Hultafors reserves the right to judge if the product is accepted as an accepted claim or not. Please return your concerned products and we will replace them with new, adjusted products as soon
as possible.

Address of return:
Hultafors Group AB
Att: Daniel Albertsson
Hultaforsvagen 21
SE – 517 96 Hultafors

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Per Eriksson
Product Manager Tools

Published 05 April 2017.

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