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  • Plaster square adapted to today's standards

    Hultafors has taken a further step to simplify the workday of the craftsmen by broadening the range of squares. The latest addition to the market is the Plaster Square PS 90. The tool is a square that is adapted to today's requirements and rules.

    Published March 15, 2018

  • Hultafors launches series of Premium axes

    Hultafors is taking a new grip on the axe segment, focusing on the user experience and bringing the history of Hults Bruk into the future. To celebrate the 300 year old tradition and craftsmanship of forging axes in Hults Bruk in Sweden, the axes have been named after famous blacksmiths and areas around the forge.

    Published March 03, 2018

  • Hultafors broadens its range of laser tools

    Hultafors is constantly developing its tool range for discerning craftsmen. The latest product news comprises three user-friendly laser tools - including a laser distance meter - that make the craftsman’s workday more efficient.

    Published March 01, 2018

  • Double Safety – easy access for a safer and more efficient workflow

    Safety at construction sites is growing in importance and thus also the craftsmen's demands on the tools. Heeding these calls, Hultafors has created a new double holster.

    Published November 27, 2017

  • Hultafors launches 240 cm folding rule

    Hultafors launches yet another original - a 240 cm long folding rule. The new tool is adapted to the current building standards and developed to further simplify the craftsman's workday.

    Published October 02, 2017

  • Hultafors is now a full-range supplier of saws

    When Hultafors started developing handsaws a couple of years ago, the starting point was that the saw should be efficient, have a good grip and not pinch. After a very successful launch of handsaws in 2015, Hultafors is now presenting several new models that form a complete range.

    Published October 02, 2017

  • Tool bucket - a smarter way to carry

    The new Hultafors Tool Bucket is as simple as it is clever. With its smart details, ergonomic shape and comfortable handle you get a tool carrier that saves both your body and your wallet. 

    Published May 18, 2017

  • Utility knives and blades for improved efficiency and safety

    Hultafors new concept of utility knives and blades presents a wider variety of choice and a system for easy blade change that brings both efficiency and safety to the users.

    Published May 10, 2017

  • Hultafors outdoor knife OK4 has been awarded the Red Dot Design award

    Last year Hultafors made its first foray into the outdoor market with its launch of two new outdoor knives. A good move, it seems. Recently it was announced that the model OK4 has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design 2017.

    Published April 06, 2017

  • Hultafors launches new craftsman's knives

    Every craftsman wants the perfect knife for the job. But challenges are ever-changing. That is why Hultafors expands its range with new knives. Each dedicated to specific tasks of professional craftsmen.

    Published October 03, 2016

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