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  • Hultafors full-range of saws

    When Hultafors started developing handsaws a couple of years ago, the starting point was that the saw should be efficient, have a good grip and not pinch. After a very successful launch of handsaws in 2015, Hultafors is now presenting several new models that form a complete range. A leader in the field of saws "Our goal is to become a leader also in the field of saws and after the successful…

  • Refind power in adjustable wrecking bar

    Try the new 209 adjustable wrecking bar from Hultafors and there's no turning back. The unique design and revolutionary features will facilitate your work in a variety of situations. How? The advanced wrecking bar made of high-quality steel can be adjusted in nine steps, ensuring an optimum working position for the task at hand. ADJUSTABLE WRECKING BAR 209 SB Wrecking bar manufactured in high…

  • More than one angle

    Is it possible to revolutionize the design of a plaster square? Absolutely. Just check out the new foldable PS 120 plaster square. Giving you a range of functions that truly facilitate your work. So get ready for a revolution at work. At least when it comes to plastering. Plaster Square PS 120 Adjustable plaster square with millimeter and degree graduations that can be set in four fixed positio…

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  • History

    It all started in 1883 when a young engineer, Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén, invented a measuring device that would facilitate Sweden's conversion to the metric system. Through his inventiveness, the measurement device was developed into what would be the folding rule – an innovation that has constituted the backbone of Hultafors tools ever since. Even up to the 1970s, our product range was…

  • Craftsmans knives

    Every craftsman wants the perfect knife for the job. But challenges are ever-changing. That is why Hultafors expands its range with new knives. Each dedicated to specific tasks of professional craftsmen. A wide range of knives The new knives is the 2016 addition to Hultafors’ popular range of Craftsman’s knives. The series now encompass 20 different knives dedicated to the needs of driven profess…

  • Terms of use

    1. Terms of use This website is provided by Hultafors Group and its affiliates for informational purposes. All intellectual property rights in this website and products shall remain the exclusive property of Hultafors Group or its licensors, as applicable. All texts, graphics, photographs, trademarks, logos, sounds, music, videos, artwork and computer code contained on this website is owned,…

  • A rule with many names

    The switch from inches to metric scale might bring about a change of name There’s a Swedish proverb saying that “a loved child has many names.” The folding rule is no exception. In Swedish it’s commonly referred to as a “tumstock”, an inch rule. Yet, since the scale used nowadays is metric, some argue it should be called “meterstock”, a meter rule. However, old names tend to stick. Feel free to…

  • Cutting-edge materials and manufacturing

    Reliable tools require reliable materials. Our knives are therefore made from tested quality materials that provide sharpness, precision, strength, safety and comfort – every day at work.  The blades on the knives designed for the toughest conditions, such as Outdoor Knife OK1 and OK4, are made from Japanese SK5 steel. This steel has a high carbon content, which makes the steel hard but not…

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