A demolition bar that demolishes the competition

Our new demolition bar combines the best features of both a pry bar and a wrecking bar.

The inspiration for our demolition bar was the American “burke bar” commonly used for demolition. However we found it quite clunky and heavy to use. The original tool is manufactured all in steel and the handle is square making it uncomfortable to grip. It’s heavy and not ergonomic to use which increases the risk in damaging your body. Which is especially important when working above shoulder height.

Let’s make it better

We wanted to make a better tool, both light-weight and ergonomic. Starting with the handle, we used our already well-known aerospace aluminum in a hollow design which makes it lighter than the original all steel burke bar. Ours only weighs 3,4 kg in comparison to the original that weighs 6 kg.

Testing the design for real

So, we went for innovation and knowledge and did what we do best at Hultafors. Talking to the with companies doing mainly demolition work. They work with tough demolition and renovation every day and know what they want. They gave us insightful tips and useful feedback while testing it thoroughly for us, so that we could go on further to develop the demolition bar into a Hultafors tool.

A better claw

Except for being lighter than the original one, we took the claw under real investigation. The innovative design of the claw saves weight but is still as strong at the same time. The claw, made from hardened boron steel, is broad and robust but still thin for the best possible access. The curvature of the claw and the heel allow you to work at a comfortable position and you don’t have to pry with the handle pushed all the way down to the ground. The heel is what makes all the difference in our design of the claw. It gives you increased lifting height.

In short, the claw with a nail puller makes it an excellent alternative to a wrecking bar. The long handle gives you more power and better range. The length also makes it easier to work with a more ergonomic posture compared to working with a shorter wrecking bar.

Why use a demolition bar?

When should you use a demolition bar? Well, the name might tell you, but you can for instance use it to knock down ceiling boards, breaking apart framework or concrete forms. Its length makes it comfortable to use when removing floor, both solid hardwood and laminate boards. Removing tiles on floor and walls. The nail puller makes it easy to remove large nails wherever you find them. The demolition bar is a great combination of a wrecking bar and a pry bar.

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