Choose the right utility knife blade

Hultafors’ range of blades for utility knives includes six specialized blades, catering to different needs in different professions. To find the right blade for your intended use, consult the quick guide below.

Allround - The reliable choice for everyday cutting

The Allround blade offers the perfect combination between performance and endurance and is a reliable choice for everyday cutting, such as when cutting plasterboards, wet-room flooring, fiberglass cloth and textiles.

Edge - When you cut with the edge rather than the tip

Edge is a bit sharper than Allround and is the right choice when cutting primarily with the blade’s edge (rather than the tip), such as when cutting linoleum flooring and fiberglass cloth. For more specific floor-layer work, however, Hook is the right blade to choose.

Hook - The floor layer's choice

Hook is designed specifically for floor layers and comes with a hook for efficient cutting of flooring materials.

Performance - For tough users in rough environments

Performance is made of strong steel and comes with a highly durable tip. This powerful blade is designed for tough users in rough environments, such as carpenters who plaster an entire high-rise building.

Safety - Reduces the risk of stick injuries

The Safety blade features a blunt tip to reduce stick injuries and is a great choice for cutting tape and other similar materials. The blade is used together with Hultafors Utility Knife USRA, which pulls back the blade automatically when the blade is not under pressure.

Stamina - For extra tough cutting

Top-quality steel, high-tech grinding, higher sharpness and longer service life makes Stamina the stand-out choice for exceptionally tough assignments. Experience great precision and control when cutting tough materials such as fireproof plasterboards and extra strong fiberglass cloth.

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