Demolish with quality

We produce a range of different bars; crowbars/wrecking bars and pry bars, in several different designs and materials.

Steel Pry, Bending and Wrecking Bars

Power, weight and a will of steel.

Steel is almost three times as heavy as aluminium, but it is also three times as strong. When doing work where weight and power is critical to achieving a good result, steel is the obvious choice.

Our best wrecking bars, also called crowbars, are made from high-alloy boron steel. They have wide, polished contact surfaces and thin ends for better access and reduced risk of leaving marks. The claw is ground to optimise nail removal.

Aluminium Pry and Bending Bars

Light resilient and kind to surfaces.

We produce a number of pry bars in tough, durable aluminium that we have specifically developed for workshop use. Aluminium weighs only 1/3 as much as steel. It is easier to work with and gentler on your body, particularly when working at shoulder height or above. Aluminium is also considerably gentler on the materials you work with. It doesn't rust, is more resistant to cold and is much more flexible.

An aluminium tool can be "bent" about three times as much as a steel tool without being deformed. This means that aluminium pry bars are ideal for fitting and adjusting in various applications in the engineering industry. You can use them to adjust wheel settings, test wheel bearings and fit body parts.

When working on ripping out windows or room furnishings, it is important that you choose a tool that is as easy to handle as possible. In such instances, a wrecking bar is exactly what you need.

Be kind to your body

To help you steer clear of injuries when using pry, bending and wrecking bars, we've come up with a few tips.

  • Always work with a straight back.

  • Avoid working with straight arms.

  • Avoid working with bent wrists.

  • The best thing to do is to try and change your work posture as often as you can.

  • Avoid getting into too many situations that involve jerking and wrenching.

  • Choose the right pry bar. We produce a range of different bars, including levers, crowbars/wrecking bars and pry bars, in several different designs and materials. You will always be able to find one that satisfies your requirements.

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