Dry Marker – In holster with built-in sharpener

Hultafors Dry Marker is a grip-friendly pencil in a holster with a built-in sharpener.

The holster is smartly designed so that the pencil is easy to remove but also ensures that it stays in place if desired. In addition, both the pencil and the holster have been designed so that they do not roll away when placed on a surface.

Tested with professional users

The Dry Marker has been developed together with craftsmen from different fields, with the goal of making the craftsmen’s work day even more efficient.

"The ideal pencil sits well in the holster, whilst still being easy to grasp when needed. The holster needs to stay attached to the pocket."
GöranOne of the professional testers

Built in sharpener for easy access

The pencil sharpener is positioned in the holster for quick access. Through a hole in the bottom of the holster, dirt and moisture is led away from the pencil, thereby increasing its durability. All this along with the ergonomic and grip-friendly design, results in a reliable pencil that combines the best of two classics.

"We have chosen to develop a number of products that simplify the working day of craftsmen when it comes to making marks. It has been important for us to think about efficiency, ergonomics and durability when developing the new products."
Per ErikssonProduct Manager, Hultafors

Combination of two classics

The Dry Marker is a combination of the traditional carpenter pencil and the classic pencil. By combining the design features of both in this pencil, you always get a good grip, whether you want to draw clear lines or make precision markings.

Facts about the Dry Marker HDM

  • Easy to remove from holster and stays in place in holster.

  • Grip-friendly and ergonomic design makes it easy to use.

  • The leads are optimized for increased durability and resistance to moisture.

  • Built-in sharpener in holster gives easy access to sharpen the pencil.

  • Refill leads available which extend the usage of the pencil.

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