Fiberglass, birch and aluminium folding rules

Apart from our classic birch folding rule Hultafors also offer rules in materials such as aluminium and fiberglass.

The classic wooden folding rule

Until the 1960s the rules were made of Swedish whitebeam (similar to rowan), but since then downy birch has become the new original.

The classic Hultafors’ folding rule with red ends is suited for most working conditions. But during hot working conditions, such as welding, or for craftsmen doing masonry or working with paint and plaster there are other, more suitable, options.

Aluminium folding rules – For work that’s hot!

The aluminium folding rule is appreciated by users working close to heat, for example when welding.

Fiberglass folding rules – For wet working conditions

The fiberglass rule is unaffected by water and therefore a good choice for craftsmen doing masonry, or working with paint and plaster.

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