Knives for skilled craftsmen

When we started developing our craftsman's knives a long time ago, we got help from the real experts – professional craftsmen.

Designed for specific professions

Our craftsman's knives are developed together with professionals. We studied what they did, listened to what they wanted and identified their needs. Soon we learned that the way craftsmen use knives changes with the task at hand. Carpenters, for example, need a powerful knife that can be used for breaking, chiselling and hacking, while plumbers often use their knife as a file to remove burrs from pipes.

This knowledge generated the idea to develop knives for specific purposes, such as painter's knife, plumber’s knife and electrician’s knife. And as we have found “new” needs, we have developed new models designed for specific tasks and professions. The result is a unique range of knives tailored specifically to how craftsmen actually work, rather than compromising by including all features in one product.

To find out which knife best suits you and your work, please consult our craftsman’s knives quick guide.

High quality steel

The blades of our knives are made from hardened Japanese carbon steel, which is renowned for its high quality. The cutting edge is sharpened in several stages and is given a final honing on a leather strop. This makes the blade very durable and gives it a really sharp edge. The knife could be re-sharpened for a longer life span, which not only means lower costs but also reduced environmental impact.

Tough plastic

Both the handle and holster are made from super-durable polypropylene – PP plastic. The durable handle is designed to give you a safe and comfortable grip. A unique function is that the holster does not detach from the button in your trousers, whilst at the same time being easy to remove. We have used different colours for the handles so that you can easily recognise your favourite knives.

How to attach our knife holsters to a belt or button

  1. You simply attach the holster to a button on your trousers using a unique function that ensures that the holster doesn’t come loose whilst still making it easy to remove.

  2. Insert the button into the hole, pull the holster down and snap the cover firmly in position. To remove the holster, just undo the cover.

  3. The holster can also be worn on a belt. If you have a thick belt, you may need to cut off the pin on the cover.

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