Made for pro's

We develop our products together with professionals. Why? Because that is the only way for us to be sure that our tools keep the quality we aim for.

Developed with professionals

Our promise is to deliver tools to rely on, whatever the situation. Of course, that means we need to involve the real professionals in the development of new tools. We work with a group of testers working within different fields of craftsmanship. Whenever we are about to develop a new tool, or improve an existing one, we always start with the professional users – talking to them, listening to their needs and observing their every move during the workday. All with the aim to meet, and even exceed their expectations.

Innovative tools designed for specific professions

The collaboration with professionals has led to a range of innovative tools designed for specific professions. For example, when we discovered the need for an electrical and moulding hammer and launched a new product that immediately became a success. Or when we developed a range of craftsmen’s knives, including a painter’s knife tailored for opening paint cans, an electrical knife optimised for cutting and paring cables and a safety knife featuring a dull point to minimise the risk of injuries.

At the end of the day everything we do is with the professional craftsmen’s best interests in mind. Making the workday easier, safer, more ergonomic and productive – using reliable tools.

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