Our different types of screwdrivers

When we started to look into developing a whole new category of tools, we refused to cut any corners. We researched and wanted to include all different types of screwdrivers in our assortment: small ones for precision work and stubbies for narrow spaces; insulated screwdrivers for those working in electric installations; and hexagon bit screwdrivers, hexagon ballpoints, and hexagon nut drivers to meet the need of plumbers.

Today, screwdriver heads are available in four standard models: SL slotted screwdrivers, PH Phillips screwdrivers, PZ Pozidriv screwdrivers and T Torx screwdrivers. To meet the demands of the professionals that will use our products, we worked in close collaboration with electricians, plumbers, carpenters and everyone else in between to ensure we could deliver to their standards.

Is it possible to make a screwdriver better?

We discovered two main areas for possible improvement in a new design. First of all, the ergonomics could be better for different hand positions and tasks. The second topic we discussed thoroughly was the markings on the screwdriver. We understood early on that a permanent marking of some sort had to be incorporated. The placement of the marking also had to be very clear and visible to make it easier to find the right one when searching in a tool carrier or pocket.

Colour-coded for finding the right screwdriver

We provided colour-coding for the handles: red for Phillips screwdrivers, yellow for slotted screwdrivers, blue for Pozidriv, green for Torx screwdrivers, and the hex ball is light grey. Our VDE screwdrivers have a red insulated blade and a yellow and red handle. The VDE colours have more or less become a standard today. Our bit holders, nut drivers and hexagon screwdrivers are all colour-coded in grey.

Which screwdriver model do you need?

Being able to quickly identify the size and model of a screwdriver might not seem like much to ask for. But we found out it wasn’t so easy. To make life easier, we came up with symbols that indicate both the size and type of the model. The symbol is imprinted as a permanent marking at the back of the handle using a hot stamp – being imprinted ensures it won’t fade over time. We have also added a permanent laser marking on the blade.

Screwdrivers with ergonomic handles for all sorts of work

We discovered that if we made the handles a bit longer, we would achieve better ergonomics that support the hand position when working with the small precision screwdrivers. The handles are made from durable PPC plastic and are rubberised for optimal comfort and grip.

Why is there a hole in the handle?

The hole in the handle is there for several reasons. You can use it to hang the screwdriver on a tool wall. It is also useful if you would like to secure the screwdriver when working at a height. And for those tasks requiring extra torque, you can insert the blade of another screwdriver through the hole, and use it as an extension of the handle.

Swedish design – Made in Germany

This sums up the Hultafors screwdriver. Our screwdrivers are designed in Hultafors, Sweden, renowned for its clean and ergonomic design, and the manufacturing takes place in Germany, to ensure the best possible quality. The blades are made of high-quality molybdenum vanadium steel and are hardened according to ISO standards, to ensure the best performance without compromising on strength or durability.

At Hultafors, our goal is to always design premium ergonomic tools that will make the working day better and more efficient for all craftsmen.

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