Rafter Square – A multi-functional tool for an efficient workday

Hultafors Rafter Square provides solid precision and great versatility for a highly efficient workday.

CNC-machined edges and anodized low reflective surface

As always at Hultafors, the focus is on the user-friendliness, precision and durability. Our rafter square is made in solid aluminium and has CNC-machined edges and an anodized, low reflective surface. The anti-glare protective coating does not reflect sunlight, which allows you to read the scale just as well in full sun as in shade or when working indoors. The gradations are also laser etched for optimum readability.

Quick and precise 45° and 90° markings

The tool allows you to make fast and precise 45° and 90° markings. The rafter square can also be used as a protractor, making it easy for you to find and mark arbitrary angles between 0° - 90°.

Scribing notches

Performing various tasks with the same tool saves a lot of time. The scribing notches on the Hultafors Rafter Square can, for example, be used when marking out longitudinal lines or when cutting plasterboard to the right size.

Saw support

Hultafors Rafter Square is useful as saw support due to its thick edge and solid construction in heat-treated aluminium with CNC-machined edges – it can be used directly with the saw against the square for cross or angled cuts. The protective finish also increases friction to better secure your square against your workpiece when using it as a saw guide.

Cutting hip, valley and jack rafters

The tool has scales for cutting hip, valley and jack rafters. In the video below, we explain this feature more in depth.

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