Refill for Dry Marker

Refill with pencil leads in two combinations.

Refill is a smart container with 10 leads available in two combinations, either with 10 leads in durable graphite or 4 graphite leads and 6 pieces in chalk, 3 red and 3 yellow.

The graphite leads are optimized for increased durability and resistance to moisture.

"By replacing the leads instead of the entire pencil, the user contributes to a more sustainable way of working."
Per ErikssonProduct Manager, Hultafors

Facts about Dry Marker Refill

  • Container that protects the leads during transport or in the tool bag.

  • Clip for belt, easy to attach to the pocket or tool bag.

  • 2 combinations of leads - choose between 10 graphite leads or a combination of graphite, red and yellow leads in chalk.

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