Take care of your saw

If used frequently your saw will wear out eventually. However, there are some ways to extend the lifespan of your saw. Here are our best tips of how to make your saw last longer.

How to take care of your saw

Although our saws are made of high-quality materials, they will eventually wear out if used frequently. There are, however, ways to extend the lifespan of your cutting tool as well as to maintain its precision. Please follow the care instructions below for a long and productive relation with your saw.

Wipe the blade dry

Make it a routine to always wipe off your saw with a dry cloth after use to avoid surface rust. If your saw has a blade protection, use it. Saws that come without rust protection, such as the Japan saw, should be wiped off and oiled if not to be used for a while. It goes without saying a saw never should be stored outdoors.

Change worn-out blades

A worn-out blade both makes you less efficient and precise in your cutting. When the blade and teeth are worn out, change the blade if possible and recycle it. Never try to grind or whet the blade on your own.

Recycle the handle

Several of our saws can be updated with new blades. But when the handle is worn out it is time to invest in a new saw. Separate and recycle the handle depending on material; plastic, steel or wood.

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