The Craftsman’s HVK Bio Knife. A Sustainable Choice

At Hultafors, we are inspired by nature and concerned about the environment. That’s why we’ve developed an eco-friendly version of our best-selling HVK Craftsman’s Knife. The HVK Bio has less plastic and more features—plus the same great performance as the classic version.


Hultafors is committed to engaging today’s deepening environmental consciousness, and we view bioplastics—a versatile polymer with a mild carbon footprint—as an opportunity for innovation and change. The HVK Bio Craftsman's Knife is the first of our hand tools designed specifically with ecological concerns in mind. The handle is 80% high-density polyethylene, a renewable alternative to thermoplastic resin that can help reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the chain.

Ergonomic handle with ribbed design and about 15% less plastic.

We worked in close collaboration with real craftsmen, performing test after test to achieve a high-performance, ergonomic result. The grooved handle design serves a double purpose: it creates a satisfying, solid grip feel—and uses less plastic to do so.

If you want the best knife for craftsmen—and a better world.

The HVK Bio Knife is a smart choice for the conscious craftsman: environmentally friendly, it compromises nothing when it comes to performance, efficiency and quality.

Switch to the HVK Bio and help save up to 3.5 tons of plastic per year.

We have reduced plastic by around 15% per knife. That means that if those who usually buy our classic HVK make the sustainable choice and purchase the HVK Bio Knife instead, the world would be spared up to 3.5 tons of plastic every year.

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