We have always had to build our own machinery

When you are a pioneer and inventor there is nobody to follow. That is why, at Hultafors we have always taken pride in making everything ourselves. Even the machinery.

It’s no small achievement being a Swedish company, with an invention from 1883 and still stay ahead in the competition. What makes it possible is our experience and never-ending strive for continuous improvements.

Made from scratch

The Hultafors folding rule factory have few suppliers of parts. Most of the deliveries arriving to the factory contains raw material. Apart from the downy birch wood, we receive brass strips and cold rolled steel from which we make rivets, hinges and end tips.

Unique machines

The production of folding rules is a highly specialized process using unique machinery unavailable on the market. In fact, most of the machines we use have been constructed and built in Hultafors by our own skilled engineers.

Experienced hands

Our team of skilled engineers and factory workers always strive to develop the production of the folding rules. Thanks to our never-ending strive to improve we have been able to streamline and modernise the production without compromising on the quality.

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