Why is Swedish steel well known around the world?

Steel is an essential part of modern society. It is also a material with a long service life and can be reused indefinitely, without losing its quality. All the scrap steel that comes from our production is recycled.

Swedish steel has few impurities

Swedish iron ore deposits contain small percentages of other metal ores. Which makes steel produced from it a natural alloy. It is Europe’s most high-quality iron ore in its natural state before processing. Our iron ore deposits have kept the same quality over centuries and make our steel consistent.

Sweden counts as one of the leading steel producers in the world. But not in tons, we place us in the top of the world thanks to the form av special steels and the refined products we produce. In some niches Swedish steel stands for over 80% of the world market.

Our own steel

The steel we use to forge our popular axes contains a “secret recipe” of tradition and craftmanship. Today, Hults Bruk is a unique combination of the new and the old. Still, as in 1697, the craftmanship of the blacksmiths is the heart of it all. We aim to preserve the culture and character of exquisite Swedish ironworking.

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