The Hultafors Åby Axe

A genuine hybrid axe that adapts to the job at hand, big or small. Hand-forged from Swedish steel at our Hults Bruk works, which hails back to 1697. Our Åby Axe is a timeless tool in a modern guise.

The Åby Forest Axe is perfect for shelter building, processing firewood and carving, as well as precision work. Like all our axes, it’s hand forged and made from Swedish quality steel. The Åby is named after the nearest village from Hults Bruk, where many of the workers at the forge lived in the mid 20th century.

For thousands of years the axe as a tool has been an extension of the arm for humankind. With the help of the axe, man has been able to find his way through unspoiled nature, construct dwellings and butcher wild game.

The axe has been a survival tool while at the same time it has offered freedom and independence. He who had a sharp axe could defend himself at all times and also prosper. Today we no longer need the axe for survival but it still helps us solve a number of practical tasks in everyday life whilst assisting lovers of the outdoors to enrich their leisure time.

With the axe being a part of our cultural heritage, the blacksmith has an essential role both in preserving the axe tradition for coming generations and more importantly, in giving the axe user ultimate satisfaction and utility in the use of his axe.

We didn’t invent the axe as a tool, but through true craftmanship we have managed to perfect the design into something that is appreciated all over the world. So for us, the Åby axe has to be one of our icons.

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