The Hultafors Marking Measure Talmeter

Like many of our tools, the Talmeter tape measure was developed to make a job simpler. With a focus on function and precision, the Talmeter easily measures and marks both internal and external lengths.

Measuring and marking made easy

With a Talmeter, you don't have to convert the measurement you have taken to measurement units. Instead, it's simply a matter of aligning the marking and measurement edges between the measurement points of the object being measured. The scale is automatically locked at this length and, using the same measurement and marking edges, you then etch the exact length on the workpiece. This can be done one or more times without any changes in accuracy. You don't even need to see properly to be able to measure and mark precisely.

Furthermore, it is equally simple to take internal and external measurements, trace arcs and, depending on model even diameters and circumferences. So, go ahead and explore the possibilities. Take your measuring further with a Talmeter marking measure from Hultafors.

How to use a Talmeter

  • Besides measuring by reading the scale, the length can be etched directly on the workpiece.

  • The combined measurement and marking edges makes it possible to transfer the measurement directly to the workpiece.

  • Taking internal measures is just as simple as measuring external lengths.

  • The foldable extender makes it just as easy to take internal measures as it is to take external measures.

  • The tape can be used as a compass, drawing precise arcs with one hand.

  • The stiff, yet flexible tape makes it easy to measure diameters and exact circumferences.

Additional features on Talmeter 6 m

  • A notch on rear edge of the housing allows the attachment of a safety line.

  • Button with three functions:

    1. Autolock position – tape can be adjusted in and out.

    2. Release position – tape retracts into the housing and is easy to pull out.

    3. Brake position – the tape is locked.

  • Belt clip with quick release function allowing the Talmeter to be released with one hand.

  • The end hook is designed to facilitate attachment when using the vertical scale on the reverse side of the tape.

  • The belt clip attachment is easy to remove.

The history of the Talmeter

A Swedish invention

The Talmeter was invented by Swedish engineer Ture Anders Ljungberg in 1954. During a renovation of his house he detected several technical shortcomings in the measurement tools used by the craftsmen on site. He started to experiment with the functions, ending up with the development of the very first Talmeter – a new, smart multi-function measurement tool.

Why the name Talmeter?

The product was given the name Talmeter, a combination of the initials of its inventor (TAL) and the addition of 'meter'.

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