The Hultafors Wrecking Bar Adjustable

The wrecking bar with an adjustable claw. It has nine different settings, allowing the best working ergonomics. Made from high-quality steel, it has a well thought-out design for easy nail extraction. Winner of the Red Dot Award 2012.

Be kind to the body and choose the right tool. Our adjustable wrecking bar is designed partly to create a good basic position for you who work with it. And partly so it can be adapted to different conditions and gain better access in places where a regular crowbar would not have worked as well. With nine different lockable positions, you can easily find a comfortable position for maximum strength.

Use the nine different positions for the cleat so that the break iron does the work for you. Among other things, this makes it easy to lift off or on a door on its hinges. Put your foot on the crowbar and lift it so you have both hands free to hold and aligning the door.

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