Adjustable square with fixed positions

Introducing our new updated square: Adjustable Miter Square - Quattro 270. The 1 mm thick, high-strength stainless steel provides a durable design that can withstand tough working environments.

Our Adjustable Miter Square - Quattro 270 can be set to three positions: 45°, 90° and 135°. The square can also be rotated 270°, making it possible to use the slitless backside of the square, where you won't risk having thin sheet metal parts sliding into the wrong places.

The Adjustable Miter Square - Quattro 270's versitality makes is very easy to work with. Unlike other adjustable squares, it features a sharp outer corner. By rotating the blade 270°, you can obtain a rounded corner, making it easier to work in uneven corners. In addition, the blade is equipped with scribing notches, positioned at 5 mm intervals, enabling you to effortlessly draw or cut a parallel line along an edge.

Adjustable Miter Square - Quattro 270 is completely foldable, which makes it easy to store and carry in the pocket of your work trousers.

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