Our classic craftsman’s knife goes green

Introducing the new HVK Bio Craftsman's Knife. An eco-conscious version of our craftsman’s knife, with an innovative new handle and about 15% less plastic.

The HVK Bio Knife. A sustainable choice.

Delivering 100% of the performance of our popular HVK Craftsman’s knife, the HVK Bio Knife uses over 80% bio-based plastic, and less plastic overall. The goal was an environmentally conscious knife that delivers full functionality with significantly less plastic. “By launching a sustainable version of our most popular knife, we hope to achieve two things at once,” says Peder Lövberg, Hultafors Design Engineer. “To have a direct impact on the environment, and to encourage the craftsmen who love this knife to see for themselves that the HVK Bio Knife sacrifices nothing in terms of performance.”

The first Hultafors hand tool made with bioplastic.

After exploring fifteen material suppliers, we found the perfect bioplastic for the handle—durable, sturdy, high-density, bio-based polyethylene. Then, working closely with real craftsmen to ensure a high-performing result, we took the bold step of transforming our most popular knife with a sustainability focus.

Less plastic, less packaging.

The HVK Bio Knife’s ergonomic new handle has a great grip feel and a special ribbed design that reduces plastic by about 15%. Since most craftsmen reuse their holster, we now offer a holster-less paper sleeve option. As a result of this and other innovations, packaging and transport volume is cut nearly in half.

Saving tons of plastic every year.

Three and a half tons. That’s approximately the amount of plastic to be saved every year if the craftsmen who regularly buy the HVK Craftsman’s knife choose the HVK Bio Knife next time around. Such a result would produce a cascade of positivity. We’ve started with our most popular model, and see great potential to extend such ecological innovation to the entire line of Hultafors knives.

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