Hultafors launches the favourite tool of carpet fitters

Hultafors is expanding its range of knives with snap-off blades as four new models join the product line-up, each with a curved fin at the end – a popular favourite among carpet fitters. The range now includes 17 different knives.

"Our focus has been to create ergonomic products for precision work as well as more general use, for example when fitting carpets. We took a more holistic approach to the knife segment in 2019 and introduced a versatile range of 13 knives with snap-off blades. We’re now pleased to add four new knives to the range and appeal to even more craftsmen and women", says Per Eriksson, Head of Product Development at Hultafors.

Choose the model and locking function that suits you

Two new models will be launched in the spring of 2020, available with either an auto-lock or wheel-lock function. The SFPB 18 A/W comes in a slim design that makes it easy to handle and work with, and offers good control when cutting. The SFRPB 18 A/W has a robust design with a rubber grip that offers extra stability when you need to cut with more force. All the knives feature a curved fin at the end, also known as a carpet tucker or “cut and jam knife”. The fin makes it easy to lift or push down carpet edges into corners and along edges. Like Hultafors’ other knives with snap-off blades, these new models have an ergonomic design and safety features, and are made from durable poly-carbonate with an extra strong 1mm-thick metal rail where the blade runs.

A complete range of knives and blades

Hultafors now has a range of 17 knives with snap-off blades including those with or without fins, slim versions, or robust knives with rubber grips. Several models also feature dispensers with space for three spare blades in the shaft. All the knives have an auto-lock or wheel-lock function, apart from the very smallest model, the SPP 9A, which comes only with an auto-lock. In addition, there’s a range of knife blades for a variety of purposes.

“Different jobs require different blades, which is why we have a range of four blades in different strengths so that users can choose the blade that best suits the job in hand,” Per concludes.

In addition to knives with snap-off blades, Hultafors already offers utility knives and craftsmans’ knives.

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