Water-resistant folding rulers

We are now launching two long-awaited fibreglass folding rulers - Contact-Meter and Folding Rule 240 cm.

We are now launching two long-awaited fibreglass folding rulers. Many have requested these models and therefore we are broadening the range with the Contact-Meter and a 240 cm. Fibreglass as a material is perfect for any work in wet working conditions, both outside and inside because it does not absorb moisture and makes the ruler easy to wipe off.

Internal scale for smarter measurement

Contact-Meter with its reverse gradation makes it quick and easy to measure directly against the surface. For many, this is the optimal folding rule, as it has the metric scale printed on the opposite side compared to a standard folding rule. This enables you to place it flat against a surface, even when it’s not completely folded out, making it easier to measure with good precision.

240 a classic from the start

We developed our 240 cm to meet today's construction standards. With an extra 40 cm, you do not need to reposition the ruler to measure an entire plasterboard or up to ceiling height. It has quickly become popular and therefore it feels extra good to be able to introduce it in fibreglass for anyone working in wet conditions.

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